France Brings Lawsuit Against Apple and Google in Protectionist Move

The French are looking to bring Apple and Google to heel in an effort to protect their developers and startups.  This isn’t protectionism though, it’s…wait…it’s protectionism.  Here’s a little bit of an alleged explanation for this type of protectionism.


France’s Finance Minister Sues Tech Giants Apple And Google

French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire says he’s suing Apple and Google. He claims that the tech giants aren’t playing fair with French developers and startups. Bruno Le Maire joins us now from Paris to talk about this. Thanks for joining us.

BRUNO LE MAIRE: Thank you.

MCCAMMON: You’re threatening to take Google and Apple to court, and you’re threatening them with potential fines of over $2 million. Why do you feel it’s necessary to do that?

LE MAIRE: Because of one single reason, which is unfair trading practices. We have nothing against Google or Apple, and we are not targeting any private company. We just want to ensure that the French laws are fully respected, in particular our trading rules which are there to ensure a fair and balanced relationship between producers and suppliers and along the supply chain.

MCCAMMON: So what’s unfair?

LE MAIRE: What is unfair is that, for example, Google and Apple do not know the distributer of an app to freely choose how much he wants to charge the app. Google and Apple can terminate a contract at any time without any authorization coming from the app itself, and the distributor of an app has to make information related to the app available to Google and Apple but without reciprocity. And all those points would clearly show that there is an imbalanced relationship between Google and Apple and the producers of a app.


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