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Category: Liberty Tech

Move Over Blockchain, Here Comes Quantum Chain

Just when we were beginning to wrap our heads around blockchain technology a new technology is beginning to emerge and it’s called Quantum Chain.  No, we don’t fully understand it, yet, but it promises two major things, one is to complete transactions much faster than blockchain, and two, and possibly more importantly, it creates a much more secure environment for transations than blockchain does.

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Move Over Plants, Cyborg Bacteria Can Outperform You in Photosynthesis

When I hear the word cyborg, I think, killer robots, or the MMA star, Chris Cyborg.  I don’t think renewable energy.  But that’s about to change, at least for me, as scientists are working on what are being called “cyborg bacteria” that are covered with microscopic solar panels.  These cyborg bacteria will be able to outperform plants in photosynthesis, which offers great promise for the future of solar energy.

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Elon Musk Begs UN To Regulate Robots Before They Kill Us All

 Elon Musk is a brilliant innovator who is also equally brilliant at manipulating government guns to help him do what the free market would not allow him to do.  While he is busy securing hundreds of millions of dollars of government subsidies, he’s also busy raising the spectre of Skynet to attempt to scare government (this time the world government known as the UN) to ban “lethal autonomous weapons.”  The media might couch this as a brave, brilliant man sounding a needed alarm, but I for one would call this alarmism aimed at shutting down current and potential future competitors. 

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