Georgia Couple Makes Dream Come True By Building Their Own Off-Grid Community

Here’s the story of a man and woman who had a dream, a dream to be disentangled from systems that didn’t reflect the type of living that aligned with their preferences.  That man and woman are Steve and Marie Nygren,, of Chattahoochee Hills, outside of Atlanta Georgia.

The couple did more than dream about it, they went out and built the type of community they wanted to be part of.  That community is now called home by 600 people.  The community is designed to be off-grid, and in harmony with nature around them.

Whatever their motivation for creating this off-grid community, here we have yet another example of people who decided to be the change they hoped to see.  They didn’t sit around and theorize about it and engage in endless debates on Facebook about how it could be done.  They didn’t lobby the government to force others around them to change to fit their preferences, they went out and built the kind of community they wanted to see.  That community is Serenbe.

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Could YOU live off-grid? Quirky forest eco-village created by couple who were tired of modern life now houses 600 …

A back-to-nature rural community created 15 years ago by a couple who dreamed of living off-grid is thriving.

Serenbe, in the idyllic pastoral setting of Chattahoochee Hill country, south of Atlanta, is the brainchild of Steve and Marie Nygren, who decided that escaping the rat-race for a simpler life needn’t be the stuff of fancy.

Residents living in the revolutionary green utopia, which was designed by architect Dr Phil Tabb, now recycle their water, live off fruit and vegetables grown on a 25-acre organic farm and walk as much as possible via a network of inter-connecting trails.

Some 600 people are currently living happily in the experimental community, with the four hamlets boasting a school, shops and cafes – all with well-being and green living at their core.

The community was designed by Steve and Marie Nygren and is hidden amid 1,000 acres of natural forest landscape just south of Atlanta in the United States.

Homes – which are heated and cooled with ground-sourced heat pumps – were built into the landscape to minimize the impact on the land.

Manicured lawns are not allowed and fresh food is a natural asset with a 25-acre organic farm.

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