Germans Press Puidgemont in Spain-Enabling Action

It seems the Germans are committed to press on with the enabling of tyranny by proceeding with the extradition process for the former President of Catalonia, Carles Puidgemont.

A German prosecutor is continuing the detainment of Puidgemont as they go through the ‘legal’ motions that will ultimately end with Puidgemont being turned over to Spanish “authorities,” who will then make of Puidgemont an example for anyone who dares oppose the tyrants of Madrid

German prosecutor: Court orders Catalonia’s ex-leader held in custody for length of extradition proceedings

A German prosecutor says a court has ordered Catalan separatist Carles Puigdemont held in custody for the length of extradition proceedings.

Schleswig Holstein state prosecutor Georg Guentge says the court in Neumuenster formally determined Puigdemont’s identity and also heard arguments from his lawyer claiming legal flaws in Spain’s extradition request.

Guentge said the judge on Monday rejected the motion from Puigdemont’s lawyer, but the issues can be raised again during the formal extradition process than begins now.

Puigdemont was detained by German highway police Sunday after entering from Denmark.

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