Germany Warns China About Sending Internet Trolls Their Way

You will see stories like this coming out of the state media more and more, stories of scary foreign actors using social media to try to infiltrate the minds of innocent, and defenseless, victims. Germany is now accusing China of using internet trolls to spread its propaganda to German citizens, and the Telegraph UK, a de facto state media outlet (that’s my opinion only) is all-too happy to share this story with their audience with the hope, I believe, of drumming up more support for government regulations of social media, to protect the addle-brained from undo foreign influence.
Of course, none of them will question either the quality or intent of government-run schools that have apparently not equipped so many of their own citizens with basic critical-thinking skills that could help them discern when they’re being trolled or not.

Germany accuses China of setting up fake social media accounts to lure top officials

Germany’s intelligence service warned on Sunday that China is using fake profiles on social networks to gather personal information from politicians and other high ranking officials.

More than 10,000 Germans were contacted by fake profiles on the social networking site LinkedIn during a nine months investigation into the large-scale security breach, Germany’s domestic intelligence agency, known as BfV, said.

The fake profiles were disguised as headhunters, consultants, or scholars with names “Rachel Li” and “Alex Li”, and attempted to trick people into “connecting” with them in order to extract information on people’s habits, hobbies and political interests, according to the intelligence agency.

“Chinese intelligence services are active on networks like LinkedIn and have been trying for a while to extract information and find intelligence sources in this way,” a spokesperson said.

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