Get These Dang Snakes Out of These Smuggled Cans of Potato Chips!

Rodrigo Franco, 34, has been charged with ‘illegally importing merchandise into the country.”  The man was charged after the ubiquitous “authorities” discovered a package coming from Hong Kong, destined to reach Franco.  The authorities in this story are the US Customs and Border Protection agents.  The incident happened in March, but police are just now releasing a report on it.

It seems that the agents discovered snakes inside canisters, more precisely, king cobras in potato chip cans (no mention as to whether the cans are Pringles, but I’m betting Pringles, and now I want some Pringles, and no, I’m not being paid to market Pringles).

That’s right, apparently, this man likes his potato chips REAL SPICY.  In addition to the snakes, the agents also discovered 3 adorable albino Chinese soft shell turtles.  Ok, the police report didn’t say they were adorable, but come on, you know they were (and hopefully still are, because that would be a bummer otherwise).

Franco confessed to authorities that he had done this before, already accepting 20 cans of Pringle king cobra (yeah, I’m sticking with the Pringle thing) in two prior shipments.  But, alas, and this part kind of sucks, (unless you hate snakes) all those snakes died.

Now, Franco faces up to 20 years in prison for being the douchenozzile that he apparently is.

Editor’s Note:  The potato chip cans were NOT Pringles, they were some Chinese brand, but still, I’m still now hungry for Pringles, not the spicy snake flavor though.

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