Ghost Gun Myth Busting- Criminals Will Benefit

Are ghost guns really the mother’s milk of criminals who wish to arm themselves even if there are laws saying they can’t own guns?  Maybe not so much.  An article in Breitbart explains one of the reason why ghost guns might not necessarily be the first choice of guns for criminals, and the major reasons are two-fold, the cost of making the gun and the skill required to do so.

1911 Ghost Gun (It’s Not What the Left Thinks It Is)

All these forgoing pluses notwithstanding, the 1911 ghost gun is not something which criminals would likely want to spend the money or time to acquire. For example, when all was said and done the ghost gun we assembled and shot cost about $1,800 to $2,000 in parts and labor and took roughly four weeks to fit together properly. In other words, the left’s intimation that people buy a parts kit, then go home and produce an operational firearm in an hour or two just simply did not hold true.

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