Goodyear’s New Tires With Have Living Moss Inside

Goodyear has SERIOUSLY gone green with a new tire that is literally green, and that green isn’t paint, it’s moss.

That’s right.  Goodyear recently unveiled tires that will grow living moss inside of them.

There’s a method to the seeming madness, however, and it has to do with generating electricity using the photosynthesis of plants, as well as converting CO2 to oxygen, reducing pollution.

From Car and Driver

Goodyear’s New Concept Tire Has Living Moss Inside—Really

Goodyear’s eco-tire concept revealed at the Geneva auto show—packed with live green moss—seemed like show-stand decor or a marketing stunt at first glance. But the tire is a serious proposition for the future, eyeing sustainability and looking to a time when autonomous vehicles and all of their onboard components could use every bit of energy recovered or generated.

Plants, as the concept emphasizes, can generate electricity. As part of photosynthesis, they excrete excess sugars into the environment around them (usually the soil), and that generates electrons that can be captured. Meanwhile, the moss inhales carbon dioxide and releases oxygen via photosynthesis—in effect cleaning the air. Goodyear said that, in a metropolitan area with 2.5 million vehicles, if all vehicles used this tire it would absorb 4000 tons of CO2 per year and generate 3000 tons of oxygen.

The tire-and-wheel module consists of three core components. At the core is a shock-absorbing hub made of what Goodyear calls DuraWeb, borrowed from the airless tires Goodyear already makes for commercial lawn mowers. The “tire” mounted on that hub is made of curved, fanlike layers that are 3D printed using rubber powder from recycled tires. That tire structure actually gathers moisture from the road surface as it rolls, funneling it through the hub and out into the assembly that contains the moss. The hubcap is translucent and recessed at the center to allow as much sunlight as possible to shine through.

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