Google-Built Computer Creates Super AI Computer

Google has long since left their original mission statement to do no evil, as can be seen in their corporate-wide embrace of SJW culture, among other such examples.  They’re proving just how much they’ve left their original mission statement by creating a computer that was designed to create an AI computer.

Well, they did it, the stinking apes done and did it, and now their human-created computer has just outdone all human efforts to create an AI computer by creating one superior to anything humans have ever created.  Yay google!

Google supercomputer creates its own ‘AI child’ that can outperform any machine made by humans

Google researchers have created an ‘AI child’ that can outperform its human-made counterparts.

The machine learns through ‘reinforcement learning’ which means it trains for a task, reports back to its AI ‘parent’ and then learns how it can do it better.

This particular AI recognises objects, such as people, cars, handbags and traffic lights, in real time in a video.

The creation of this AI child is proof some machine-made programmes are now more accurate than ones created by humans.

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