Google Helps US Military Kill More Efficiently with AI Drones

Google’s motto used to be “Don’t Be Evil.”  Now, apparently, under the umbrella of the mega corporation Alphabet, the new motto of Google is “Do Evil Stuff, Especially for the government.”  Google Employees might still believe that, despite Google’s jettisoning of the former motto, they worked for a company which still would strive to do no evil.

With the revelation that Google is actively helping the US government develop more lethal AI drones that are used to gather intel the government then uses to kill people, many Google employees are not feeling let down by their mega corporation that has been doing evil stuff for a long time, but it wasn’t quite as obvious as helping the government develop killer drones.

From Newsweek

Google’s AI Drone Project With US Military Provokes Outrage Among Employees

Revelations that Google is quietly working with the U.S. military to develop technologies to analyze drone footage has reportedly provoked outrage from the tech giant’s employees.

A report from Gizmodo revealed details of Google’s partnership with the Department of Defense on Project Maven, an initiative that uses artificial intelligence in surveillance operations.

The project was not a secret but had not been previously reported. It came to public attention only after Google employees leaked details of an internal mailing list detailing the project.

The Department of Defense gave details of Project Maven when it was first announced last year, though Google’s direct involvement was not mentioned.

“People and computers will work symbiotically to increase the ability of weapon systems to detect objects,” Marine Intelligence Officer Drew Cukor said in a Department of Defense press release last year.

“Eventually we hope that one analyst will be able to do twice as much work, potentially three times as much, as they’re doing now. That’s our goal,” he added.

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