Google Pixel Buds Empower You To Talk to 90% of the Planet

Google has introduced a new wireless blue-tooth set ears buds, called Pixel Buds, that allow you to understand 40 different languages.  This technology, coupled with the vast networking of the internet, promises to allow people to talk to a much wider range of folks from different cultures.  The ability for humans to connect to many other humans across formerly great divides, like language barriers, is sure to undermine the ability of state propaganda to convince its ‘citizens’ to hate this or that group, to be willing to kill this or that group in the name of the glory of the state.  This is yet another technology that is daily undermining the legitimacy and power of large scale nations states and I, for one, welcome it.


From Next Big Future

Google’s wireless bluetooth Pixel Buds let you understand 40 different languages.

There was an onstage demp that showed a live language translation feature. A conversation onstage translating from English to Swedish went off without a hitch. The translations followed about 1-2 seconds after the people finished their sentences. The presenters boasted that it was like “having a personal translator by your side.” A Pixel 2 phone is needed to take advantage of this feature.

The demo was done entirely over the internet, without downloading the languages directly to the device.

You just have to touch and hold the right earbud and the Pixel Buds take off. You can use touch controls for other things like pausing music and calling up the Assistant.

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