GOP Considers Bump Fire Ban, Or Why the GOP are a Bunch of Surrender Monkeys

GOP calls for hearings on “Bump Stocks” are about gauging power to advance power of the state.

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The alleged champions of the second amendment, the Republicans, appear ready to seize on a placation move to attempt to appease the shrill calls of celebrities, of state-run-media (the MSM), and authoritarian progressive political leaders all calling for something to be done about all this gun violence.

Rather than stand defiant on one of the most critical issues for liberty, the fundamental ‘right’ to self-defense, the Republicans are looking to find a way out of having to face the withering rage, the histrionic tears, the accusations of murder-enabler by the gun grabbers, a group of state-worshiping sycophants hell-bent on assuring the state has a complete and total control of the monopoly of violence.

These cowards have identified an area of ‘gun control’ they think they can surrender on, imagining somehow that this would really quiet the fanatic frothing frenzy of the gun grabbing zealots (news flash, that’s a big nope on that hope).

Representative Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the Chair of the House Republican Caucus, telegraphed where the Republicans are going when she told one of the state-media outlets, ABC News,  “We are talking to ATF, we are talking to others, what is this device, how exactly it works and if it has the effect of being a machine gun, whether or not that should be allowed or, who should have access to these types of weapons.”

So there you go, the Republicans are looking into the possibility of banning bump-fire, slide-fire stocks.  I am sure they’re running to their constituents, running to the NRA and checking to see if their constituents, the NRA, and other gun lobby groups will give them a pass in the hope of appeasing this latest round of histrionics from the frothing fanatic frenzied gun grabber gang.

In addition to this cowardly person, Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn joined the chorus of appeasement when he said about the possibility of banning “bump stocks” that holding a hearing would at least be “worthwhile.”

Meanwhile, one of the people who represents the state that I live in, Pennsylvania, Senator Pat Toomey threw his hat in the surrender monkey ring when he told the state-media,  “While I am generally skeptical of banning firearms or firearm accessories outright, I am certainly open to Congress holding hearings to learn more about bump stocks and related matters.”

Of course the always faithful progressive GOP Senator Lindsey Graham echoed support for such hearings as did the other faithful progressive GOP Senators Susan Collins, John Thune, Jeff Flake and Ron Johnson.

A Democrat Representative, and stalwart gun grabber, Seth Moulton, from the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, said of the possibility of these hearings, “To be honest, I don’t know how many innocent Americans have to die before our Republican leadership is willing to even just have a debate on this issue, let alone a vote.  I know that I’m working behind the scenes with Republicans, with colleagues of mine who are willing to cross the aisle on this, who are going to push their own leadership to bring these issues up for a debate and a vote, and we’re going to try to get some things done.”

I think it’s time for a little de-goving here of this gun grabber leader’s statement.  So, here goes:
I will continue to tug on the emotional heartstrings of the sheeple and spread false narratives that there is some sort of epidemic of gun violence in America when I know full well there is not.  I know there are a number of surrender monkeys in the GOP, and I also know at the end of the day we’re all really one party, so I am convinced if I pull the “how many Americans must die” card, I might get a few Republicans to go along with this.  If we can get enough GOPers to go along with this bump fire ban, that is gonna open up a whole lot of doors that get us closer to removing guns from non-government agents so we can assure that only the state, from which I derive my power, my livelihood, can use lethal force to assure that these sheeple do the kinds of things that benefit my well-being, my prosperity, my power.

Let me address this frenzied frothy fanatical gun grabber’s plaintive cry of “how many people have to die before we do something?!”

Let’s break down these gun violence numbers in a way that little children like the gun grabbers can understand.  First, let’s deal with that big number these self-righteous frothers like to trot out.

Around 30,000 people per year die as a result of wounds inflicted with guns.  Let’s just assume that ALL of those people died as a result of random gun violence like we saw in Las Vegas.  That number is about .0009 percent of the population of the US, which is around 320 million.

Let’s compare that number to the amount of people who die as a result of car crashes every year.  That number is about 35,000.  Yes, even if you take that figure of 30,000 at face value, more people die in car accidents than they do as a result of wounds inflicted with guns (never mind from gun violence).

These figures alone are enough to tell you that the idea that there is some sort of epidemic of gun violence is absolutely balderdash, and I have little doubt that the leaders of the frothy frenzied fanatic gun grabber gang know they’re slinging some mighty thick fertilizer every time they play the “how many people have to die” card.

But we’re not gonna let that 30,000 figure just continue to float out there.  Let’s break that number down even more.  Of the 30,000 people who die from wounds inflicted by guns, 65 percent of them are suicides.  That’s right, self-harm is not really a threat to anyone but the person who has chosen to harm themselves, so you can’t count those numbers as “gun violence.”

There are even more numbers that you have to throw out of consideration of “gun violence.”  For instance, 15% of these deaths are from law enforcement.  For all you law and order types, even for the left (who seems to trust the government with guns, while it continues to not trust non-gov people with guns), you’re going to have to throw those numbers out of your “gun violence” pie.

The percentage of deaths that actually come from gun violence, where individuals are threatened by criminal or mentally ill individuals, and this includes “mass shootings,” is about 17%, meaning about 5,100 people die per year as a result of actual gun violence.  Do you know how many civilians have died in the ongoing Syrian civil war, a war the US pretty much engineered and funded, and continues to take part in through supporting terrorist groups and even dropping their own bombs as well?

The Syrian Network For Human Rights (SNHR) reports that figure to be at 5381, and that figure is JUST the first half of this year.  If you want to stop gun violence, you might want to start with changing US foreign policy, which kills far more people than this alleged epidemic of gun violence does in America.

The fact of the matter is the Republicans know all of this.  They know full well the frothing frenzied fanatical gun grabber gang is knowingly manipulating numbers and exercising extreme histrionics in the forms of demonstrations of righteous anger and massive crying tirades like the one that state media operative Jimmy Kimmel pulled off during the anti-gun political commercial called Jimmy Kimmel Live.

They know all this.  They know the power of the state media is not as great as it once was, that they can speak themselves directly to their constituents through social media, that there exists a vast array of alternative media to speak to.  But, instead, they seem to want to continue to choose the surrender monkey strategy.

Mark my words, if they manage to ban these stock modifications, it will soon become apparent they can’t enforce that legislation pro-actively.  It will also soon become apparent that they can’t stop these stocks from being manufactured by home-based 3D printers.  They will then have to move to go after the very mechanics of the trigger itself.

At this point, one should have little doubt that the Republicans are simply the controlled opposition to the statist progressives that are, by and large, the Democrat Party.  They all want the same thing, to control the outcomes that assure that they continue to benefit from the sweet deal of being preferred members, the managers of the coercive enterprise, the United States of America.

For the political class, who are largely only managers of the coercive enterprise, they are constantly balancing the cost of coercion with the benefit of coercion.  The two parties take turns on various issues of serving as good cop and bad cop.

This serves to placate the anxieties of whatever group is being targeted this time for coercion (because that group is given a false hope that even if they lose now they might reverse the loss later, through muh votes).  It also serve to help the managers, as a group, gauge the degree to which they can push and the degree to which they may have to show temporary restraint or, on occasion, even execute strategic retreat.

If the GOP were truly what it represents itself to be, then these GOP leaders would never consider banning anything in an attempt to stop an epidemic that doesn’t exist.  They have all the resources they need to overcome the onslaught of the state media and the state entertainment divisions like Jimmy Kimmel Live.  But it’s not their intent to resist, it’s their intent to profit, and you, my friend, are the cash crop, nothing more.


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