Got Drone Problems? Get Yourself A Drone Gun

DroneShield has intruduced a new gun designed to do one thing, and do it well, take down drones. The name of the gun is called the DroneGun Tactical.

DroneGun Tactical is Your New and Improved Portable Drone Downer

DroneShield’s new ‘DroneGun Tactical’ is a refined, more portable version of its predecessor, 2017’s ‘DroneGun MKII.’ This upgraded anti-drone gun—capable of downing an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) from over half a mile—has a few considerable improvements in its corner. On the other hand, this thing isn’t even legal in the United States if you’re a regular civilian, so there are definite pros and cons to consumer appeal, here. However, the fine-tuning that took place between models is definitely impressive; the Tactical is more portable, technologically capable, and seems ergonomically superior. Let’s get into it.

If you’ve read our anti-drone gun reporting before, you’re well aware of the process. While some drone guns shoot actual ballistics in hopes of damaging any unwelcome aerial visitors, most modern anti-drone guns use signal-jamming frequencies to confuse the incoming UAV. When a drone’s radio signals are interrupted or continuously jammed, the UAV either lands as a precautionary measure or returns back to its origin. Either way, the goal has been accomplished—your drone gun got rid of the intruder. But how does it look, and feel?



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