How government elites planned to survive a nuclear attack

Hiding in secret underground bunkers, eating wild birds and pets and saving secretaries but not wives: How government elites planned to survive a nuclear attack
The US has a secret network of bunkers primarily built during the Cold War era to protect government officials in case of an atomic bomb
Presidents Kennedy, Eisenhower, Roosevelt and Truman knew there was only enough room for an elite few, but still assured citizens they would be safe in the event of a nuclear war
There is a bunker for officials under the White House, near Camp David and several scattered around the US
The wives of public officials would not be admitted to the elite hideout but secretaries would
There was also a plan to survive off rabbit meat, wild birds and civilian pets when food rations ran out
President George Bush, Vice President Dick Cheney and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice were ushered into the bunker under the White House on 9/11

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