Greece Files Demarche After TurkReich Rams Patrol Vessel in Aegean

Greece may be running out of patience with the TurkReich as they continue to aggressively badger and now, even ram, ships in the Aegean as they make a bid to claim waters that are not theirs.

The push to claim waters that do not belong to the TurkReich is centered around the oil and gas under those waters.  Erdogan needs fuel for the military machine he is building, a machine he hopes will recreate the Ottoman Empire.

The Greeks have filed a demarche with the Turkish Embassy in Athens, which is essentially a formal diplomatic protest.  The demarche was filed after the Turks rammed a Greek Coast Guard Patrol vessel.

Greece issues demarche to Turkey about boat ramming in Aegean Sea

Greece filed a demarche with the Turkish embassy in Athens on Tuesday over the ramming of a Greek Coast Guard patrol vessel by a Turkish Coast Guard patrol boat in the Aegean Sea shortly before midnight on Monday, the Greek foreign ministry announced.

The incident occurred off the islet of Imia (Kardak for Turkey) which has been at the center of a dispute over sovereignty that brought the two countries to the brink of war in 1996.

No injuries were reported, but the Greek boat suffered damages and was transferred to nearby Leros island and later to Salamina port in the mainland for repair, Greek national news agency AMNA reported.

According to the Greek side, the incident occurred within Greece’s territorial waters and immediately the Turkish ship sailed away towards the Turkish coast.

A similar incident had occurred on Jan. 17 this year when a Turkish vessel also bumped onto a Greek Navy cannon vessel in the area, AMNA stressed.

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