Greek Troops Fire Warning Shots at Turkish Helicopter

Tensions in the Aegean Sea between Greece and the TurkReich heated up last week when Greek troops fired warning shots at a Turkish Helicopter that kept approaching Greek Islands.


Greek soldiers fire warning shots at Turkish helicopter in Aegean Sea amid growing tensions

Greek soldiers fired warning shots at a Turkish helicopter after it approached a tiny Greek island in the eastern Aegean, in a dangerous escalation of tension between the regional rivals.

The island of Ro, which lies just a few miles off the Turkish coast, became the latest flashpoint between the neighbours after months of growing friction and nationalist rhetoric.

The incident, in which Greek soldiers reportedly fired tracer rounds towards the Turkish helicopter, happened late on Monday night.

After the shots were fired, the helicopter, which had buzzed the island at a low altitude, left the area.

“The order to fire the warning shots to force the helicopter to move off came in the context of stepped up surveillance and reaction measures adopted given the increase in tensions with Turkey,” a Greek military source told AFP.

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