Gun Grabber Attacks Ghost Guns While Claiming to Be Pro Gun

Here is an example of how gun grabbers like to claim they love guns and they are for the 2nd amendment, but within  reason.  This writer, Samantha Durham,  is using the fear of ghost guns as the gateway drug to the heroin drug of gun grabbing.  See?  These gun nuts don’t know when to quit.  They’re embracing of ghost guns is proof!  This is why we can’t have nice things.  How dare they want to possess self defense tools that aren’t registered to the government.

The UNCW Sociology Major asks, “Why do people feel the need to own an unregistered weapon?”  When anyone asks a question like that, you know they’re nothing but a gun grabber trying to pass themselves off as a pro-gun person just looking for some ‘common sense’ gun regulations.

You don’t fool me, Samantha, and she shouldn’t fool you either.  She is a dangerous neighbor just dreaming of the day when she too can be an informant for the police state she dreams will emerge someday.

Ghost guns are not helping the cause

To preface, I am familiar with firearms. While I never experienced them being used in an emergency situation, I am aware of their strength and power. I have fired a gun on multiple occasions and, with that experience, I have a respect for those that value their 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. But I also possess an awareness of the danger and destruction guns can cause.

“Ghost guns” are guns that have been created at home through DIY kits or other methods. While learning about this topic, it appeared to me that most of these homemade weapons are rifle-style guns such as AR-15s. However, ghost guns are not limited to just that particular style of weapon.

The major difference between an average gun and ghost gun is the serial numbers. Guns that you purchase in stores have serial numbers that allow them to be traced and registered. Purchasing a gun in a store also leads to background checks and identification. Ghost guns eliminate those factors almost completely, as a ghost gun has no serial number and requires no formal background check.

Many are likely to gasp at this idea, but it is reality and, thus far, completely legal. As long as the weapon is intended for personal use only, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives deems these weapons to be legal, reported The New York Times. It only becomes illegal if an individual begins selling or distributing these guns without a proper license……

…..How did we get to this point? The right to bear arms has been a right throughout American history and while it has put us into sticky situations here and there, it seems like our right as citizens has become a threat to others.

Why do people feel the need to own an unregistered weapon? The company Ghost Guns’ slogan even reads, “Unserialized, unregistered”.

Many claim unregistered weapons protect them from being subject to the government. Others such as the man in the Vice film claim they do it because they can. I have no issue with that statement because we do live in the United States of America where we are allowed to own guns thanks to the 2nd Amendment.

My issue does not stem from the “do it by hand” mentality, but rather the resistance to registering your gun. With power and privilege come responsibilities, therefore if a person cannot uphold those responsibilities then I see no reason for them to have the privilege. The quote, “With great power comes great responsibility” fits this situation almost perfectly.


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