Gun Support Groups Lobby Against Pro-Gun NH Bill

A bill that would fine localities for passing gun control laws that violate state laws is being resisted not just by gun grabbers, but also by ALLEGED gun supporters.

That’s right, ostensiblle pro-gun activists in New Hampshire are pushing against a gun bill that would levy fines on local officials who pass ordinances restricting gun use when such ordinances violate state law.

This just goes to show you that the gun grabbers are also among the folks who claim to be gun rights advocates.  These types of folks like gun rights, but not that much.

Unlikely Foes Of State House Gun Bill: NH Gun Rights Groups

The federal and state laws around guns in schools interact in complicated ways, but in short, kids can’t have guns at school, but adults who are permitted to carry in New Hampshire can. But that wasn’t tough enough for board members in Lebanon.

Their ban caught the attention of House Rep. J.R. Hoell, and soon the town found its name in the official text of House Bill 1749 – a bill that fines towns for making their own gun laws.

“We want citizens who are elected officials to follow the law, and not break it. That’s not setting a good example,” Hoell said…….

….“To prevent the continued lawlessness of elected officials breaking the law, it’s time to put in penalties. We have penalties for all sorts of other statutes, for speeding…but there are no penalties for this existing statute,” Hoell said.

Hoell, a Republican, is also secretary of the New Hampshire Firearms Coalition and he’s taught his kids gun safety.

Hoell said this bill is backed by the NRA and Gun Owners of America, both national gun rights groups. But some of his loudest opponents are also Republicans and passionate members of gun rights groups, people who are typically on the same side of gun debates as Hoell and his allies.

But now, it’s gotten to the point where gun activist Susan Olsen said she won’t even greet Hoell in the hallway. Olsen is with the Women’s Defense League and she said has a lot of issues with this bill. On the one hand, Olsen said most small town officials aren’t trying to start trouble.

“Most local government, they’re just typically volunteers, normal schlubs that want to try and make their towns better,” she said. “Sometimes they do make mistakes…because they don’t know any better. I don’t know of deliberate, malevolent law making.”

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