Headlines You May Have Missed – Tuesday, January 30th, 2018 – Episode 018

Just Don’t Say It’s a Trade War

Just Don’t Say It’s a Trade War

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Join Paul Gordon as he covers Trade Wars, Russia Fails, Chipotle Fails, Fitbit Secrets, and more on this episode of Headlines You May Have Missed

Top Story
EU Threatens Trade War with US
Top Headlines
Russia Goes All in With Turkey Against Rojava
Chipotle Shows Limits of AI in Research Marketing
Is Your Fitbit Exposing Classified Military Secrets? Signs Point to Yes
Will Puigdemont Appear in Catalan Parliament Today?
FCC Chair Rejects White House Idea of Nationalizing 5G Network
VA House Considers Bill Allowing Ads to Be Sold on School Buses
Bitcoin on Trial in New York, and all Crypto with It
Russian Jets Buzz US Jets Over Black Sea
Gaydar is Real, Says Stanford Researcher
Gov Borrowing to Hit 8-Year High
More Headlines
South Dakota Legislature Battles Own State College Over Free Speech Rights
HUD to Undo Some Manufacturing Housing Regs
TurkReich Strikes Syrian Kurd Strongholds with Air Bombardment
South Korean Cryptocurrency Exchanges Self-Regulating
Facebook’s Privacy Center First Step to Get Ahead of Europe’s Anti-Social Regs
List of Countries Exempted from US Solar Import Tariff
French Pro-Palestinian Group’s Paypal Account Terminated
Chinese aircraft trespasses South Korea, Japan airspace
As Electric Cars Become More Prevalent, States Must Find Alternatives to Gas Tax
US Must Kick Turkey Out of NATO, Declare Support for Kurds
Activists Are Making Some Headway In Banning Domestic Abusers From Buying Guns
Researchers find blood vessel endothelial cells stop more nanoparticles than the liver
Facebook explains how it will prioritize local news
Germany attempts to curb hate speech with new law that can fine social media sites
Japanese Crypto Exchanges Strengthen Self-Regulation Following Coincheck Hack
Drones provide logistical support at Chinese military drills – state media
Bill Encouraging Gun Safety Courses in Idaho Schools Returns
Despite Testimony from Las Vegas Survivor, Gun Control Bills Die in Virginia House Subcommittee
‘I’m just flabbergasted.’ Lawyers say FBI coerced terror defendant to falsely confess
Russia’s Newly Drafted Cryptocurrency Bill: ‘Crypto Not Cash’
State Dept. to Russia: ‘No more time for excuses’ on North Korea
Israeli President Rivlin visits Greece amid criticism
Bulgaria interested in receiving Israeli natural gas – energy min
‘France must QUIT eurozone’ Macron under pressure as Le Pen demands new currency
Researchers Build a Microfluidic Flowmeter
How YouTube’s War With Netflix Led to a ‘Step Up’ Series
US court to reconsider ruling on San Francisco soda health warnings
House to vote on Senate bill preventing sexual abuse of young athletes
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