Headlines You May Have Missed – February 6th, 2018 – Episode 022

Florida’s Slave Inc Slammed by US Judge

Join Paul Gordon as he covers Slave System Challenge, Wireless Motion Energy, Corsican Nightmare for France, Baltimore PD Thuggery, and more on this episode of Headlines You May Have Missed.

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Florida’s Slave Inc Slammed by US Judge

Top Story
US Judge Orders Halt to Florida Prison “Slave” System
Top Headlines
Triboelectricity Will Give You Wireless Power from Motion Alone
France Prepares for Corsican Push for Autonomy from Paris
Will Hydroponics Get Organic Farming Classification from USDA?
Baltimore Cops Claim Fake Overtime
Iran Calls on Turks to End Afrin Aggression
3D Printing Enhances Radiotherapy Treatment of Cancer
Connecticut Looking to Ban Bump Stocks, Ghost Guns
Local High School Fights Instagram Account Discovered
Harvard Bans Men’s Groups, Reclassify Women’s Groups as “Gender-Focused”
Turkey Threatens Greece For Challenging “Macedonia”
China’s Challengers to the South China Seas Emerging
SEC Chairman to Recommend Regs Against Crypto
Seattle Threatens Facebook Over Obscure Political Ad Laws
YouTube in The US Senate Crosshairs Over “Fraudulent Content”
World’s 1st 3D-printed camper to be printed in Saskatoon
China in world-first deployment of experimental electromagnetic rail ‘supergun’ aboard a warship
New Hampshire: Pro-Gun Legislation to be Considered on House Floor
Iran ‘Mass Producing’ Drones Strapped with Smart Bombs
Maldives declares state of emergency, arrests 2 Supreme court judges and former president
15 Syrian refugees freeze to death on mountain while trying to escape war zone
Japan: robots will care for 80% of elderly by 2020
FBI captures female ‘Freedom Fighter Bandit’ wanted in 9 Georgia bank heists
Houston man fatally shot by police had been shot by officers last year, too
Former councillor who criticised town council online receives visit by police
From drones to dredgers: stop China’s top tech falling into foreign hands, military warns
Sex Robots That Do Chores Are Coming To Ruin Your Relationships
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