Headlines You May Have Missed – February 7th, 2018 – Episode 023

Russia Offered Poison Pill to Kurds

Join Paul Gordon as he covers Russia’s Poison Pill, Killing the Gerrymander, Killer Robots, Schiff’s Stupidity, and more on this episode of Headlines You May Have Missed
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Russia Offered Poison Pill to Kurds

Top Story
Kurds Claim Russia Offered Afrin Protection if Assad Given Control
Top Headlines
SCOTUS Denies GOP Reprieve in PA Gerrymandering Ruling
China to Have AI-Run Killer Subs
Adam Schiff Says 2nd Amendment is Russian Ploy to Kill Us
South Dakota Considers Whether Voters Are Smart Enough for Direct Democracy
The Remote Control Presidency of Carles Puigdemont?
All-Female Crayfish Threaten to Take Over The World
Facebook to Offer Video Creators Ad Revenue Sharing
Freedom Fighter Bandit Bank Robber Captured
British Man Gets Police Visit After Criticizing Government
More Headlines
Man Killed by Police Was Also Shot By Cops Last Year
Crypto-Anarchist Says Gun Control Dies with Rise of Ghost Guns
Body on Chip Bioprinting Aid Doctors in Targeted Treatment
Prepping Through Hydroponics Rooftop Gardens
FCC Reaches Consent Decree with Noncommercial Broadcaster Imposing Largest Fine Ever Issued for Underwriting …
‘You’re literally surviving’: Woman strives to live off-grid in northern Alberta
The Rebirth of Somaliland ;The Peace Accord-Part 12
South Dakota couple turns old school into community center
‘Smart clothes’ and folding phones tipped as scientists finally create bending batteries
Can Anyone Stop Amazon from Winning the Industrial Internet?
Philosopher: more thinking required on role of AI in education
Cryptocurrency scams on Twitter are so common, this guy built a tool to help detect fraudsters
Gun permits steadily increase despite tougher controls
Canada is woefully unprepared for the fintech tsunami
Scientists use 3D printing to create false ears for children born with deformities
Why Erik Gatenholm is bioprinting human organs
Monitoring positive charges in solar materials
China’s plan to use artificial intelligence to boost the thinking skills of nuclear submarine commanders
SpaceX a serious competitor for five upcoming Air Force launches
Barre gun show draws crowds, gun rights advocates
Massachusetts: Pro-Gun Bills Nearing Committee Deadline
Iranian Parts Makers Asked to Collaborate in Peugeot’s Algeria Venture
Greeks rally in Athens to protest use of the name Macedonia
Why These Stingless Bees Build Spiral Hives
YouTube’s ‘Adpocalypse’ Response Won’t Hurt Paid Clicks Sold Or Advertisers’ Cost-Per-Click
Self-Assembling Nanoparticles Claimed to Represent Personalized Medicine “Milestone”
Merck Builds Strong Materials to Drive Next Generation Chip Technologies
Illinois gun rights group has other gun free zones in sights to be shot down
Brits abandoning traditional office clothes as suits and ties become a thing of the past
Hairy” Nanoparticles Could Delivery Cancer-Fighting Drugs and Heat to Tumors
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