Headlines You May Have Missed – February 8th, 2018 – Episode 024

Stealth Bill Targets Your Overseas Info Shelter

Join Paul Gordon as he covers Stealth Info Tech Bill, Having Sex with Prisoners, TurkReich’s Aegean Bluster, Bot Wars of Bitfinex, and more on this episode of Headlines You May Have Missed.

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Stealth Bill Targets Your Overseas Info Shelter

Top Story
Senate Bill Gives US Enforcers Power to Access Overseas Digital Information
Top Headlines
NY Cops Face No Charges After Teen Accuses Them of Rape
TurkReich Claims Eastern Aegean Shelf Is Theirs
The Bot Wars on Twitter Claim a Temporary Casualty, @Bitfinexed.
Federal Judge Stops Orange County from Arresting Homeless People
Your Wearable Tech Could Be Powered by 3D-Printed Bacteria
New York’s Gun Grabbing Assault Continues with 9 New Anti-Liberty Bills
Schiff Falls for Fake Trump Pics with Russian Models
Former Google Guru Wants “Addiction Tech” Stopped
Madrid Rejects Talks with Catalonia
More Headlines
Netanyahu Could Face Corruption Charges
Superbowl Serves as Backdrop for 5G Network Test from Verizon
Merkel Forms New Coalition Government
New Theory Suggests the Milky Way is A Galaxy Eater
Organic Semiconductors? Self-Assembling Liquid Crystals Could Be the Answer
Surviving a Breakdown of the Water Supply
Flat Eathers Deny Falcon Heavy Launch, Call it Fake
Somaliland issues fatwa banning female genital mutilation
Korean Supreme Court to Judge Whether Crypto Regulations Are Unconstitutional
China requests consultation and compensation over US solar tariffs
Tillerson and McMaster expected to visit Turkey amid strained ties
France Bans Phone Use in Car—Even When Stationary
British officials go to Washington to confront Facebook, Google and Twitter over misinformation
Reddit Bans AI-Powered Fake Porn
Somalia is invading Somaliland
Kurds being crushed as US, Russia look the other way
Brooklyn Army Terminal Launches Micromanufacturing Hub
Wikileaks’ Assange stands to make ‘pretty penny’ off Bitcoin investment
India’s Largest Crypto Exchanges Dispel Rumors of Cryptocurrency Ban
Kim Jong Un is sending his younger sister to South Korea. That’s a big deal.
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