Headlines You May Have Missed – February 12th, 2018 – Episode 025

Built Ford Statist, Bigly

Join Paul Gordon as he covers Robo Road Pirates, SCOTUS Union Buster, Afrin Aid, Killer Transgender Ruling, and more on this episode of Headlines You May Have Missed.

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Built Ford Statist, Bigly

Top Story

Ford Pushes Forward with Robot Cop Cars

Top Headlines

Supreme Court Moves Towards Striking Down Forced Union Dues
Assad Brings Aid to Afrin Fighters Against TurkReich
Judge Rules State Must Pay for Killer’s Transgender Treatment
Catalan Parliament Speaker Demands Puidgemont be Reinstated as President
Facebook to Give You a Thumbs Down Option?
Nanocrystals Could Boost Sodium Batteries Just in Time to Relieve Lithium Mining Pressures
Save the Planet, Dump Plastic Straws Says Irish Pub Association
WA State Bill Would Charge Parents for Child’s Crime with Gun
Human Eggs Successfully Fully Grown in Lab

More Headlines

Price of Solar Keeps Coming Down
EU Hard Liner Faces Rebellion from Within over Brexit
Somali President to meet with Somaliland leader in Djibouti
Basically No One In The US Is Getting Fined For Flying Drones Without A Licence
A Strange Link Between Parasitic Wasp Venom And Parkinson’s Could Lead to New Treatments
Two of America’s closest allies are getting tough with Facebook
Comments on Twitter could now lead to punishment on Twitch
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