Headlines You May Have Missed – February 15th, 2018 – Episode 028

An Inconvenient Pot Ruling

Join Paul Gordon as he covers An Inconvenient Pot Ruling, Kurds Stop Helping Turks, Local Power Meets the State, , US Enables TurkReich, and more on this episode of Headlines You May Have Missed.

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An Inconvenient Pot Ruling

Top Story

NY Judge Rules Marijuana Saves Lives

Top Headlines

Rojavans Call on Turkish Kurds to Not FIght for TurkReich in Afrin
 Local Power Choice Hampered by New California Rule
US Plays Neutral in Greek-Turkish Aegean Islet Dispute
Pain-Free Oral Surgery Thanks to Nanotechnology
Don’t Like Our Ads? Let us Use Your CPU to Mine Instead
Edible Printed Electric Toast? Yes, Please
UN Human Rights Investigators Push for Release of Ahed Tamimi
US Treasury Calls for World Governance to Stop Crypto
Iowa’s Constitutional Amendment to Affirm 2A Passes Through Its First Hurdle

More Headlines

New Zealand Cops Want Stricter Gun Control Laws
Kremlin Distances Itself From Reports Of Mercenary Deaths In Syria
Home battery storage uptake tripled in 2017 in Australia, as costs tumble
New US Sanctions Against Russia Are Coming, ‘Expect Them’ Soon – US Treasury Sec
World Bank, Iraqi Gov’t sign two projects worth USD 510 mLn
Turkey doubles down on Russian missile deal
New-build homes with solar and storage? “It’s going to be the norm”
Maryland Medical Marijuana Users Can’t Get A Gun Permit, But Senate Bill Could Change That
Turkey: Greece must take necessary measures to decrease Aegean sea tension
NASA releases record-breaking photos from beyond Pluto
A transgender woman can breastfeed her baby thanks to a scientific breakthrough
Artificial Intelligence Is Now Fighting Fake Porn
Nationwide concealed carry bill for gun owners is worrisome, cops say
New US Sanctions Against Russia Are Coming, ‘Expect Them’ Soon – US Treasury Sec
Biohacker fights for ‘cyborg rights’ after implanted travel card cancelled
Attorneys release video from Baltimore Police Gun Trace Task Force raid; criticize state’s attorney for inaction
Murphy lays out gun control agenda for New Jersey
Family says Baltimore police, hospital rushed treatment of shooting victim before his jailing on gun charges
Somaliland Sovereignty: The irrevocable and unanimous decision
US Accuses Canada Of Dumping Pipeline Material In Latest Trade Shot
Serbia must accept Kosovo independence to join EU: German foreign minister
Hackers Stole $50 Million in Cryptocurrency Using ‘Poison’ Google Ads
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