Headlines You May Have Missed – February 20th, 2018 – Episode 030

It’s Not a Trade War, It’s an Intimate Trade Disagreement

Join Paul Gordon as he covers The Trouble with Steel and the EU, TurkReich’s Bellicosity, Gold Fights Tumors, Afrin Siege and more on this episode of Headlines You May Have Missed.

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It’s Not a Trade War, It’s an Intimate Trade Disagreement

Top Story

EU Threatens Trade War if US Carries Through with Steel Tariff Threats

Top Headlines

Turkish Political Candidates Threaten to Invade Greece if Elected
Gold Nano-Factories Can Enter Cancer Tumors to Deliver Meds
TurkReich Claims it Will Lay Siege to City of Afrin in Next Few Days
US is Building a Robot Army, Bigger than the Human One
Catalan Leaders Recoil at Spain’s Direct Rule Moves on Education
Philippine President Supports China’s South Sea Manmade Island Expansions
Russia’s Navy Seals are LITERALLY Seals
Want to Buy a Facebook Ad? You’re Gonna Need a Postcard for That
Facebook Spams 2FA Account Holders
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