Headlines You May Have Missed – March 14th, 2018 – Episode 041

Wonder Twin Powers Activate…..Form of Self-Regulating Crypto

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Join Paul Gordon as he covers Calls for Crypto Self-Regulation, Liberty Rifles Answer Parkland, 3D Printing Your Car, TurkReich Lay Siege to Afrin, and more on this episode of Headlines You May Have Missed.

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Wonder Twin Powers Activate…..Form of Self-Regulating Crypto – HYMHM


Top Story

Call For FinTech to Police Itself Comes from Winklevoss Twins

Top Headlines

The Rise of AR-15 Liberty Rifles Continue After Parkland
China Introduces 3D-Printed Electic Car, the LSEV
TurkReich Surrounds City of Afrin as Death Toll Mounts
DeepFake Could Hack the 2020 Election, and That’s a Beautiful Thing
The Mystery of the Egg-Skull Women of Medieval Europe
Communicating at Twice the Speed of Light Thanks to Quantum Physics
Proton Battery Becomes Latest Challenger to Lithium-Ion Battery
NRA Challenges Efforts to Lift Restrictions on CDC Engaging in Anti-Gun Propaganda
Seattle Gives Homeless Man $1,025 Fine for Existing
FDA Targets Homeopathy For Greater Regulations
AI’s Black Box Comes into View Thanks to Cell Biology



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