Headlines You May Have Missed – March 19th, 2018 – Episode 043

Tales of the Philly Soda Smugglers

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Join Paul Gordon as he covers Soda Black Markets, Robot Taxation, Afrin Falls, NRA Surrender Monkeys, and more on this episode of Headlines You May Have Missed.

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Top Story

Philly Soda Tax Leads to Creation of Black Market

Top Headlines

A Tax on Robot Labor Could Be in the Works
Kurds Flee Afrin, TurkReich Enters City Center
NRA Buckles Again, Backs Gun-Violence Restraining Orders
High Tech Meets Dining with 7 Foods of the Future
China Uses Social Credit To Determine if You Can Use Public Transportation
Humans and Denisovan Hominins Co-Mingled, DNA Shows
Tennessee Makes $100,000 from Fining People for Braiding Hair
New Zealand Launches First-Ever Flying Taxi Service
3D-Printed Homes Help Families in Need in El Salvador
Stars Deliver Drugs to Cells at the Nano-Scale
Prepping with Bacon – How to Preserve Bacon

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Tales of the Philly Soda Smugglers – HYMHM

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