Headlines You May Have Missed – March 22nd, 2018 – Episode 046

GovTube Clamps Down on Pesky Liberty

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Join Paul Gordon as he covers GovTube Goes Full Anti-Gun, Print Your Own Phone, Afrin Unites the Kurds, Social Media Tax and more on this episode of Headlines You May Have Missed.

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Top Story

YouTube Becomes GovTube with New Anti-Gun Rules

Top Headlines

Printing Your Own Phone is Not Far Away Thanks to Four-in-One 3D Printer
Will Afrin Unite the Kurds Against the TurkReich?
Europe Proposes Social Media Tax
Kosovo Parliament Shut Down by Tear Gas Set Off By Opposition Party
Batteries Boosted by Carbon Nanotube Net
Lithium-Air Battery Now Closer to Reality
Congress Inserts Gun Regs Into Budget at Last Minute
Scientists Pierce the Mystery of Electrons Inside Graphene
Turkish Bank Attacked in Greece as Response to Afrin Invasion
Vermont Anti-Gun Bill Passes House Judiciary Committee

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GovTube Clamps Down on Pesky Liberty – HYMHM

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