Headlines You May Have Missed – March 28th, 2018 – Episode 049

Snitches Get Social Shaming, and the Right Hates it

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Join Paul Gordon as he covers Snitch Protection Patrols, Liquid Electronics, FBI iPhone Hackers, Youth Gun Control Fail, and more on this episode of Headlines You May Have Missed.

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Top Story

College Group Forms Protection from “Snitches” Coalition

Top Headlines

3D-Printing Liquid Electronics
How the FBI Can Encrypt Your iPhone, Any Time It Wants
American Youth Reject More Gun Control Laws, Despite All the Rallies
Ring-Bearing Owl Attacks Groom’s Best Man
The Amazon’s Surprising Sprawling Nomadic Community History
Meet the Quantum Battery for Your Quantum Computer
Supreme Court Rejects Tax Code Guilt by Ignorance
Firearms Dealer Holds “Build Your Own AR-15” Classes
Embattled Czech Cabinet Floats Bill to Cut off Czexit Referendum Before it Even Happens
School Sued After Allowing Man to Torture Kids Through Fake Scared Straight Program
Catalan Protesters Shut Down Highways After Puidgemont Arrest
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