Headlines You May Have Missed – March 29th, 2018 – Episode 050

First They Take Your Guns, Then They Take Your Kids

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Join Paul Gordon as he covers Macron’s Mandate, Catalan Defiance, Charging on the Go, West Virginia’s 2A Leash Extension, and more on this episode of Headlines You May Have Missed.

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Top Story

With Edict, French President Changes Gov School Age Start to 3 Years Old

Top Headlines

Catalan Parliament Votes to Re-Elect Imprisoned Ex-President Carles Puidgemont
Wireless Charging on the Go for Your Electric Vehicle
West Virginia Passes Law Protecting Right to Bear Arms
Get a Rise from South Korea’s Penis Park
New Understanding of Protein Could Create New Antibacteria
Where is the Antimatter from the Big Bang?
Wiring Your Greenhouse for IoT Optimization
Italian Company Developing 3D Printed Electric Bike
Power Suits That LITERALLY Create Power
Robots Swim With the Fishes….Literally
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