Replacing Politicians with AI-Powered Direct Democracy – HYMHM – Ep 51

Headlines You May Have Missed – April 16th, 2018

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On this episode of Headlines You May Have Missed with Paul Gordon,
AI-Congress, More Punch with Nano for Evs, Backdoor Nirvana for Gov, DNA Edits for Cures, and more.

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Top Story
An AI-Determined Direct Democracy
Top Headlines
Nanotech Company Hones in On Increasing Battery Energy Density for EVs
NSA Wants Backdoor Access to All Your Private Digital Data
Europe Lifts Restrictions on Modifying Human DNA
Greek Troops Fire Warning Shots at Turkish Helicopter
Will Scotus Expand States’ Power to Tax the Internet?
US Army to Use Drones that Use AI to Determine When to Kill
Gov Union Pressures Wells Fargo to Block Gun Manufacturers
Bacteria Could Be Source of Green Energy
Dog-Like 7 Foot Beast Sighted in Argentina


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