Need a Loan? Ask an AI Girl – HYMHM Ep. 52

Headlines You May Have Missed – Tuesday, April 17th, 2018

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On this episode of Headlines You May Have Missed with Paul Gordon,
The AI Banker, Printing 3D Smart, WTO’s Africa Shakedown, Sex Bot Rapists and more.


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Amanda the AI Will Help You Get a Loan on the Blockchain, Thanks to MoneyToken

VTT Sucessfully Demonstrates Possibility of 3D Printing Smart Objects

WTO Threatens Africa If It Doesn’t Play Nice With International “Trade”

If Male Sex Robots Rape Someone, Charge the Programmers, Not the Robots

Blockchain Makes Virtual Goods in Video Games More Tangibly “Owned”

TurkReich Removes Greek Flag Planted on Disputed Islet, Warning Greece to Stop Being “Provocative”

Vermont’s Anti-Gun Laws Prove Boon to Gun Stores Across the Border

Gene-Editing Moves from Single to Multiple Gene Manipulation with CRISPR Breakthrough

Anti-Gun Red Flag Laws Are Just Star Chambers, Warns Gun Owners of America

Catalan Parliament Issues Charges to Spanish Judge Who Jailed Secessionist Leaders

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