This Monkey’s Gone to Court, and Losing His IP – HYMHM – Ep. 056

Headlines You May Have Missed – Tuesday, April 24th, 2018

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On this episode of Headlines You May Have Missed with Paul Gordon,
Monkey Business No Mo, The Wikileaks Strikes Back, Power from Light Unseen, Sharks and Bears, Oh My,
and more.
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Top Story

No, Monkeys Can’t Sue You Over Monkey Selfies, Says US Appeals Court

Top Headlines

Dem Lawsuit Against Wiklileaks Invites Countersuit that Could Lead to Compromising “Discovery”
Drawing Solar Power from Light that is Unseen Thanks to Nanoparticle
Man Attacked by Bear, Then Shark, All in One Year
Facebook Lawsuit Challenges Its Status as Not Being a Publisher
For Under $500, You Can Now Have a Full-Color Palette Desktop
An Open Letter Appeal to Defend Rojava from the TurkReich
Batteries Not Included, Because They’re No Longer Needed for These Toys
New Wonder Concrete Created With Help of Graphene
Documenting All the DNA of All Life on Planet Earth
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