Hannibal Buress Look-Alike Paid to Go to Movie Premiere, Get Interviewed

When you’re a celebrity, why go to your own movie premiere when you can pay to have a look alike go for you? That’s just what Hannibal Buress did.

from http://www.npr.org/2017/06/30/534969914/hannibal-buress-pays-look-alike-to-go-to-movie-premiere-in-his-place


Good morning, I’m David Greene. This next story – David, I just can’t do this.


Fine. Thanks anyway, Steve.

INSKEEP: I tried.

GREENE: Seemed like having you stand in for me would be cool. I mean, that’s what the comedian Hannibal Buress did the other night. He’s in the new “Spider-Man” movie. He was supposed to go to the premiere – didn’t want to, paid a look-alike 500 bucks. They even interviewed his look-alike on the red carpet (laughter).

INSKEEP: David, you didn’t mention the 500 bucks. If you’d offered that, I might have gone through with this.

Heres’ a video from Inside Edition:


Hannibal Buress Pays Look-Alike To Go To Movie Premiere In His Place

Comedian Hannibal Buress didn’t want to go to the premiere of a new movie he was in. So he paid a look-alike $500 to go; the look-alike even got interviewed on the red carpet.

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