Hartford CT Police Want Homeowners to Install Spy Cameras and Connect Them to Their Network

Hartford Connecticut Police are looking for spies to help them track all the types of “illegal” activities the police might be able to fine you for, or, possibly, arrest you for, or, bonus, get them some civil asset forfeiture windfalls.  Of course, that’s not how they word it.  They couch it under the claim that they want to prevent crime, they want to protect you from yourself and your neighbors.  And to do that, all they ask you to do is allow them to install surveillance cameras on your home and hook up those cameras to their already vast network of spy cameras.
If you live in Hartford, and your neighbor participates in this program, you’re living next to a fundamentally dangerous person.  Watch your back and mind your p’s and q’s around these boot licking police state informants.

Connecticut’s New Drone and Surveillance Program Is An Orwellian Nightmare

The Hartford program is an expansion of a fusion center network that is already in place called the Real-Time Crime and Data Intelligence Center. The current matrix of more than 700 cameras will receive an influx of $2.5 million more in 2018 to boost the number of cameras, as well as expand their presence into even more private areas:

Police are also partnering with residents to put cameras outside homes, offering better visibility of smaller streets. Residents can link the footage into the city’s network.

(Police Chief) Foley said some Hartford dwellers have already contacted the department about participating. Officers will determine what the need is in each area.


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