Harvard Bans Men’s Groups, Reclassifies Women’s Groups as “Gender-Focused”

Defying all common sense, and choosing instead to continue to pursue a social engineering plan that cuts dramatically against basic human reality, Harvard is now banning all single-sex organizations, but with a catch.

Female organizations will become “gender focused,” while male organizations will face ongoing sanctions to force them out of existence.

In other words, it appears that all-female groups are fine, but all-male groups are not fine.

Some very stupid parents are spending hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to send their kids to a school that has decided to put social engineering ahead of actually attempting to prepare your kid to prosper in the real world.

I can’t wait to watch the lawsuits fly at Harvard, as it is now openly discriminating against males.  I’ll keep you guys posted, trust me.

Harvard Commits to Ban on Single-Sex Organizations, But Will Allow ‘Gender-Focused’ Female Groups

As Harvard reaffirms its ban on single-sex organizations, female clubs will become “gender-focused,” while all-male organizations will be slapped with sanctions.

In May 2016, Harvard University banned single-sex clubs, stating such groups “propagated exclusionary values” and maintained “forms of privilege.” The ban, which bars members of single-sex organizations from leadership positions, athletic teams, and scholarships, targets all single-sex organizations from finals clubs to fraternities.

While many at Harvard championed the new policy as a necessary antidote to the campus’s sexual assault problem, others were concerned about how the ban would impact single-sex female groups. Legions of female students protested across campus and #HearHerHarvard became an online rallying cry. The Crimson felt the ban was unfairly targeting “spaces for women,” yet hailed the ban’s treatment of male organizations as rightfully addressing “the role exclusionary social organizations play in perpetuating outdated notions of elitism, classism, and exclusivity on campus.”


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