Headlines You May Have Missed – Monday – January 22nd, 2018

Crypto-Nation versus Crypto RegNation

Headlines You May Have Missed – Monday – January 22nd, 2018

Episode 014

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Join Paul Gordon as he covers Crypto Nation versus Crypto-Reg-Nation, Crypto-Mesh Crypto-Cops, League of Women Gun Grabbers, Planned Murderhood, and more on this episode of Headlines You May Have Missed.

Top Story

Switzerland Comes Out Against World Regs on Cryptocurrencies



Top Headlines

Blockmesh Developing Mesh Networks Where Users Pay Each Other Through Crypto
Spain Vows No Tolerance on Potential Return of Puigdemont as Catalan President
US Treasury Forming Crypto Cops
League of Women Voters Supports Anti-Gun Bills, and NBC Reporter Shills for Them
Planned Parenthood Stands Against Saving Babies Born During Failed Abortions
Could Italexit Come After Italy Elections?
SCOTUS to Consider Letting States Tax Out-of-State Online Retailers
Facebook Hinting Newsfeed Change in the Form of Trusted Sites Rankings
China’s SexBot Revolution
Auto Parts Printed Right at The Dealership? It’s Coming….
US Warship Challenges China’s South China Sea Claims
Beligan Cops to Use A.I to Help Solve Crimes
Ethiopa to Partner with Somaliland
Indian Banks Going After Bitcoin Exchanges
Germany Pursues Friendy Ties with Turkey
Merkel Still Might Emerge with New Coalition


More Headlines

DNA Nanobots and Designer Humans, Coming to a Body Near You?
Creating Hydrogen with the Power of the Sun
Turks Threaten EU with Another Wave of Migrants, Refugees
The Promise and Threat of Blockchain to the Music Industry
Washington State Gets Slate of New Anti-Gun Bills
EU: Social media companies accelerate hate speech removals in self-regulation push
Twitter to tell 677000 users they were had by the Russians
Stem cell breakthrough may give people with paralysis their sense of touch back
Did a ‘Direct Energy Weapon’ Strike Michigan?
Controversy over Abolishment of Net Neutrality Stirred Up Ahead of 5G Commercialization
New botnet infects cryptocurrency mining computers, replaces wallet address
Bitcoin Laundering Less Than One Percent of All Transactions
How do we thwart the latest terrorist threat: swarms of weaponised drones?
Is the Army Testing a Super Gun to Replace the M4?
Gunmakers look to new products to lift demand as big trade show opens next week
Could The SEC Kill Cryptocurrency Funds?
Lawmakers advance a voluntary waiver of gun rights for those at risk
Federal judge strikes down state incumbent protection law
State Senate Passes Bill Protecting Students’ Free Speech
France, Germany vow to deepen cooperation amid European woes
New York Times Stock Surges After Facebook’s ‘Trusted News’ Announcement
This New Experiment Could Finally Unite The Two Biggest Theories in Physics
NFL Playoffs: Who Wins Minnesota Vikings v Philadelphia Eagles? AI Predicts
Government shutdown predicted to increase weapons costs for the Pentagon
Venezuela is trying to float its own cryptocurrency to save a sinking economy—but investors aren’t believing the ‘petro …
World’s first robot citizen Sophia to visit Turkey
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