Headlines You May Have Missed – Monday, January 8th, 2018

Top Story: The Uyghur Digital Police State Lab of China

China’s Digital Police State Test Lab, Super Laptop, Illegal Gun Purchase Fails, Cornhusker Gun Woes, Private Property Spying is Cool and more on this edition of Headlines You May Have Missed.

Top Headlines
China Creates Digital Police State Test Lab in Uyghur Region
Laptop Can Go 3 Days on One Charge?
Feds Try and Fail to Buy Guns Online Illegally…72 Times
Nebraska Bill to Stop Local Anti-Gun Regs Meets Roadblocks
US Appeals Court Rules You Can Spy on Private Property and Share Video
Jordan Pushes for Recognition of East Jerusalem as Capital of Palestinian State
3D Printed Muscles that Are Cheap and Stronger than an Elephant
Sophia the Robot Called Wizard of OZ By Facebook AI Chief
Gremlin Drones Released by Flying Aircraft Carriers?
Sringfield Armory Transfers Gun Collection to National Park Service
More Headlines
German and Turkish officials vow to end spat
US net neutrality: Internet Association to join legal battle
Gyrating robot strippers set to pole dance alongside human performers
‘It’s only fair’: As Supreme Court ponders online sales tax, Alabama looks for solutions
Wallet Developers Express Security Concerns Over BitPay’s Payment Protocol Policy
House Republicans prepare to move gun bills as Democrats ready attacks
Turkey will not risk actively disrupting Cyprus’ energy plan, Greek minister says
Judge to decide if retrial in Cliven Bundy case will go ahead after prosecutors’ failure to hand over evidence the first …
China’s Crackdown on Crypto-Mining Threatens Bitcoin’s Future
GOP lawmaker says he’ll fight to ensure gun rights for marijuana patients
Puigdemont or not? Catalan independence camp has to choose
Is Facebook preparing to open up on fake news?
Lawmakers ‘overturn’ Supreme Court to defend homeowners
Pentagon Wants To Develop Bat Drones With Lasers Which Sounds Like A ‘Black Mirror’ Episode Come To Life
Texas Regulator Orders BitConnect to Call Off Token Sale
Researchers show how to optimize nanomaterials for fuel-cell cathodes
Nanomaterials Could Lead to Cheaper Fuel Cells
Despite Multiple Government Warnings, Indians Flock to Crypto Exchanges
Scientists create 3D printed wearable sensors for plants, enabling measurements of water use in crops
Twitter Says It Won’t Block World Leaders
Someone stole a piece of China’s new solar panel-paved road less than a week after it opened
Could These 3D-Printed Hexagonal Pods Be a Solution to New York’s Homelessness Crisis?
Stone age hunter-gatherers’ ‘paradise’ discovered in Israel
$45 bottle of ‘survival beer’ comes with knife, blanket
Witness the Medical Marvel of Life-Changing Prosthetics
The Biofuel Crony Capitalist Revolving Door
Iranian state news agency uses Twitter to identify pro-democracy protesters putting them at risk of ‘torture or worse’
Stem Cell Nanoengineering
UK Government knows its latest online porn blocker is a terrible idea
Why Data Privacy Matters Even More in an IoT World
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