Headlines You May Have Missed – Thursday, January 25th, 2018

Fear is the Crypto-Killer

Headlines You May Have Missed – Thursday, January 25th, 2018

Episode 016

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Join Paul Gordon as he covers EU Cryptophobia, China’s Quantum Lead, Lobster Rights, Turkey’s Social Media Terrorists, and more on this episode of Headlines You May Have Missed.

Top Story
EU VP Warns that Cryptocurrency Anonymity Must Be Stopped
Top Headlines
China Takes Lead in Building Quantum Internet
Do Animals Have Rights? In Switzerland, Lobsters Now Do
Turkey Arrests 150 People for Pro-Afrin Social Media Posts
California Loses Another Gun Manufacturer in Wake of Anti-Gun Laws
AT&T Wants Net Neutrality for Big Social
WTO Attempts to Play Down Trade War Fears at Davos
Twitter’s COO Quits, Leaves Investors Uncertain About Future
Fifty Cent Becomes Bitcoin Millionaire Thanks to Album, “Animal Ambition”
Swiss Bank Wants Bitcoin Dead, and It Wants Regs to Do It
More Headlines
US, Japan Multinational Corps Get Best Deals at World Bank
Davos Talks Swirl Around More Social Media Regs
WA Gun Bill Pushs for People to Voluntarily Surrender Gun Rights
Civilian Death Toll Mounts as Turks Continue Afrin Assault
Hamas Turning to Weaponized Drones
AfD Becomes Major Opposition Party in Merkel Government
Greek PM Calls Turkey an Aggressive Neighbor at Davos
YouTube Funding Pro-YouTube Artists
A Taste of the Emerging Reality of 3D Printing
Graphene Girders Could Double Lithium Battery Life
Sophia the Robot Debates Former Facebook AI Head
Washable, Wearable Electronics Now Possible with Graphene Breakthrough
‘Europe of Regions’ Proven Dead by Catalonia’s Struggles
VA Wants to Master the Blockchain for Gov Use
VA Senate Set to Allow the Plebes to Carry Guns in Churches
Kurds Abandoned as Afrin is Invaded by Turkey


Even More Headlines
Facebook to roll out global privacy settings hub — thanks to GDPR
Facebook defends two-question fake news survey
Turkey vows to widen offensive against Syrian Kurds
Finland’s First 3D Printed Aircraft Engine Part Takes to the Skies in Maiden Flight
Breaking News: Epazz Acquires CryptoFolio Android App for Tracking Bitcoin and Altcoin Portfolios, Expands into the …
Cancer could soon be spotted by technology ‘several months’ before it occurs
Physicists are planning to build lasers so powerful they could rip apart empty space
Nanoparticle Gel Brings Us One Step Closer to True Holograms
Zeroing In? A New Senate Proposal Aims for Common Ground on Gun Safety
US Senate seeks to end impasse on self-driving car bill
Montana County Has An Awful Plan For Moms-To-Be Who Drink Or Do Drugs: Jail ‘Em
Atheist Organization Targets White House Bible Study
Somaliland: A Precious Triangular Stone on the Red Sea
The CIA is worried about North Korea selling nuclear tech to the highest bidder
US stealth bombers in Guam appear ready for a tactical nuclear strike on North Korea
New narrative: China now claims expansion in South China Sea is response to US
Russia accuses US of trying to derail Syria peace initiative
French parliament gives citizens the ‘right to make mistakes’
Iran, Iraq agree to co-develop shared oilfields
Yemen ‘political solution’ discussed by US, British, Saudi, UAE ministers
The Death Spiral Of Venezuela’s Oil Sector & What, If Anything, Can Be Done About It
Never mind Brexit, or even Europe. The future is Eurasian
Men in France could face €90 fines for making sexist comments in the street
Indonesian soldiers show off survival skill by eating snakes in front of US defence secretary


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