Headlines You May Have Missed – Wednesday – January 17th, 2018

While DC Burned, Americans Hashtagged Fear P*rn

Headlines You May Have Missed – Wednesday – January 17th, 2018

Episode 011

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Join Paul Gordon as he covers NSA Heaven, IoT’s EU Reg Burden, Turks v The World, Madrid’s Election Fail and more on this episode of Headlines You May Have Missed

Top Headlines

US Senate Set to Pass Warrentless Surveillance Bill This Week
EU Looks to Reign in Internet of Things with Regs Before it Explodes
Turks Still Preparing to Invade Rojavan Enclave
US Plans Could Secure Rojava Against Turkish Threats
Turks Turn to NATO to Stop US Arming, Training Kurds
Russians Stick by Syrian Kurds in Sochi Congress
Madrid Threatens to Extend Direct Rule over Catalonia After Election Failure
China Developing Drone Swarm Army, and They’re Not Alone
Regulation Nation Throws Monkey Wrench at Tiny Homes in Cape Cod
World Bank Accused of Numbers Manipulation to Hurt Chile in Report
AI Can Customize Your Med Care by Detecting Age of Your Cells
Net Neutrality Restoration Bill Has 49 Votes and Counting in Senate
West Virginia Bill Would Make Bible Studies Mandatory in Schools
NAFTA is NOT Dead, Says Trump
More Headlines
New Peptide Promises Effective Treatment of Many Cancers
3D Bioprinted Tracheas in Rats Done with no “Scaffold”
US Set to Become Net Exporter of Natural Gas Again
World Bank Urges Russia to Spend More on Healthcare, Education
Scientists Create Miniature Gamma Ray Bursts to Study Black Holes
Twitter Tried to Curb Abuse. Now It Has to Handle the Backlash
East TN prepper: Hawaii false alert should serve as wake-up call
Steak-umm Finally Gets Twitter Verified, but Is Still Mad as Hell and Not Going to Take It Anymore
Roger Federer takes aim at tennis ROBOTS after Australian Open win
IMF’s noose of austerity challenges Arab world’s only democracy
Facebook gave up on news too soon, for no good reason
Minesto to develop smaller ‘sea kite’ wave tech
China to Coordinate Against ”3000 Fake Blockchain” Platforms
How robot math and smartphones led researchers to a drug discovery breakthrough
Government of Canada Funds Smart Grid Expansion to Fight Climate Change, Create Clean Jobs and Ensure Safer …
The Rebirth of Somaliland;The Epoch of Military Dictatorship and the repression of the North-8
Japan’s Largest Bank to Launch Cryptocurrency Exchange
France Creates Working Group for Cryptocurrency Regulation
Taliban Fighters Using High-Tech Gear Kill Afghan Forces
Russian nuclear drone ‘a threat to coastal cities’
Czech government loses confidence vote in parliament
Armenian parliament recognizes Yezidi genocide
Jordan Unveils Major IMF-guided Tax Hikes in Bid to Reduce Public Debt
Mystery Solved! Discovery of Organic Molecules Explains Universe’s Infrared Glow
Quantum physics turned into tangible reality
NASA Photo From Hubble Reveals Largest Galaxy Cluster Ever Discovered
YouTube Adds More Scrutiny to Top-Tier Videos
Natural Remedies for Winter Health
Forest, water bodies key to human survival – Prof. Frimpong Boateng
Could Cold War era fallout shelters protect you from modern North Korean nukes?
Are Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning The Next Frontiers For Fighting Money Laundering?
Overnight Cybersecurity: Bipartisan bill aims to deter election interference | Russian hackers target Senate | House Intel …
How progressive federalism can help preserve net neutrality
Nothing fishy about Seminole vegetables grown using aquaponics
What This Ping-Pong Robot Tells Us About the Next Phase of Human-Robot Interaction
Wind Industry Embraces Robots to Boost Safety, Cut Costs
Supreme Court hears rare appeal challenging military judges
Romania: Yet Another Prime Minister Steps Down
European Union to take UAE off tax haven blacklist
Turkey, the Arab World Is Just Not That into You
You should really join your town’s local Facebook group
Tensions flare over electric fishing in European waters
France’s Newly-Appointed ‘Monsieur Bitcoin’ Is a Notable Cryptocurrency Skeptic
Why Aren’t Libertarians Embracing Cody Wilson?
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