Headlines You May Have Missed – Friday – January 19th, 2018

How to Become a Police State Informant in One Easy Vote

How to Become a Police State Informant in One Easy Vote

Episode 013



Join Paul Gordon as he covers Dangerous People in NY, Congress Retains, Brits Buckle, Drug Printing, NanoTech Fire Fighting, as well as the top 5 stories of the past week on this episode of Headlines You May Have Missed.

Top Storis of the Week from January 12th to January 18th, 2018

Dark Energy is a Material That Will Change Physics Forever?
AI Makes Music- And Here’s The Video
Germany’s Central Bank Calls on World Laws to Combat Bitcoin
Using the Blockchain to Gain Consent for Sex?  It’s Happening!
EU Ponders How to Regulate the Internet of Things


Top Headlines

NY Neighbors to Turn in Dangerous People for Gun Removal?
With Approvals Below 30%, Only 10% of US House Races Competitive
Brits Reject Losing Their EU Overlords, Poll Suggests
3D Print Your Prescription Drugs from Home
Dubai to Use Nanotechnolgy to Fight Fires
5G Begins to Clarify as Standards Are Finally Released by 3GPP
Spike in “Adult” Online Video Views After Hawaii’s Fake Missile Alert


More Headlines

New approach to fighting cancer involves … 3D printing extra tumors?
Supreme Court blocks redraw of North Carolina congressional maps
Connecticut Supreme Court Overturns Sweeping Education Ruling
World has responsibility to people of Afrin, say Syrian Kurds
US Deploys Six Nuclear-Capable Bombers to Guam
Ukrainian government’s dilemma: how to retain IMF aid without fighting corruption
Chinese cargo ships assisted North Korea in violation of UN sanctions: Report
Russia, Iran open their arms as Turkey loses patience with US
Facebook’s Giant Step Into Esports May Be a Look At Its Future
Cold War-era nuclear fallout shelters are useless
Turkey’s Kurds won’t accept attack on Afrin, says veteran politician
Algae-Powered Fuel Cells with Bolster Clean-Energy Development
Japan’s Biggest Bank Is Releasing Its Own Cryptocurrency In March
Government of Canada Funds Smart Grid Expansion to Fight Climate Change, Create Clean Jobs and Ensure Safer …
German parliament votes to step up fight against anti-Semitism
Twitch challenges YouTube with new video producer tools, Disney partnership
Giant Clams To The Rescue, Part Deux: Solar Energy Transformer Edition
IoT enabled Li-Fi Technology Market is Anticipated to Create a New Market For Suppliers Across The Value Chain in …
Smart microgrid powers vital Dutch horticultural firm
‘Hot Electrons’ to Bolster Better Solar Cell Productivity
Soft Self-Healing Devices Mimic Biological Muscles
Scientists discover how to talk to kids
Better times for agropreneurs through ‘Internet of things’ – Uggah
Bill Ford says smart cities aren’t ‘just a science project’
Fullerton farmer grows lettuce year-round with help of hydroponics
Vertical aeroponics: The future of farming?
Commentary: These Next-Generation Supercomputers Are So Hot They Need to Run in a Freezer
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