Headlines You May Have Missed Report – April 5th, 2018

These young Ghanaians are making 3D printers from e-waste for schools
Congress Killed Efforts To Undo Sessions’s Civil Forfeiture Expansion, Despite Unanimous House Votes
As YPG mounts guerrilla campaign, Afrin looks less like a victory for Turkey
Is Homeschooling Safe? New Bill Would Investigate
Could this $500 open-source printer be the RepRap of 3D bioprinters?
Gun-rights supporters hand out rifle magazines at a rally in Vermont
Drug-Producing Bacteria Possible With Synthetic Biology Breakthrough
Open Meals is teleporting 3D-printed sushi to the ends of the earth
John McAfee Charges $105000 Per Tweet to Promote Cryptocurrency Startups
Researchers develop nanoparticle films for high-density data storage
Hollywood’s first blockchain movie: an end to piracy? 
Greece urges Turkey to release detained Greek soldiers
How Peer-to-Peer Energy Trading on the Blockchain Might Work
The Dark Web’s Favorite Currency Is Less Untraceable Than It Seems
The first 3 factors for getting out of Dodge
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