Headlines You May Have Missed – Thursday, January 18th, 2018

Big Social is Gov Social and Here’s Proof

Big Social is Gov Social and Here’s Proof

Episode 12

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Join Paul Gordon as he covers Big Social Propaganda, Rojavans Shine Bat Signal, Catalonia’s Lawyer Suck, 3D Print Consumption, World Bank Globalism, and more on this episode of Headlines You May Have Missed

Top Headlines

Big Social Tell Gov They’re Working on Anti-Terror Counter Propaganda
Rojavans Seek Help from UN to Thwart Turkish Threat
Catalan Gov Lawyers Says Skype Presidency is Not Legal
Metal 3D Printing Now Creating Consumer Products Like Faucets
World Bank Divests of Fossil Fuels in Separation from US
TWiT Sues Twitter Over Trademark
Trump Reconsiders NAFTA
China Signals War Against Cryptos is Only Beginning
France Threatens to Regulate, Tax, even Ban Cryptocurrencies
China Criminalizes Religious Assemby in Muslim Province


More Headlines

Githers Take Over Twitter After Trump’s Medical Report Released
Russia Moves to Create It Own Internet
Catalonia’s Parliament Chooses Independence, Still
CES 2018 Shows How IoT Has Gone Mainstream
World’s First Blockchain Driven by AI Comes Online
Gun Groups Protest WA Gun Grabber Bills
Delaware Considers Bill Banning Gun Ownership for People with “Mental Illnesses”
Carbon Fiber from Plants? The Ramifications Are Clean…..
Dark Web Crpto-Bazarrs Arm Terrorists, Report Shows
US to Sell Anti-Ballistic Missiles to Japan
Facebook opens probe into Russian involvement in Brexit
China’s about to deal a final blow to its bitcoin whales
Pentagon Plans Citywide Drone-Catching Dragnets
German Navy’s new state-of-the-art warship sails into tech trouble
Indonesia, Turkey team up to develop military drones
Saudi Arabia sends $2 billion to Yemen; Turkish troops mass on Syria border
France and Germany agree on eurozone reform
Ancient Carvings Discovered Near Isfahan
Google changing YouTub ad programs, launches new user-friendly AI tool
Wikipedia ‘still not sure’ why it is still banned in Turkey
Who Is CryptoNick? Bitcoin Price Fall Blamed on Cryptocurrency ‘Scammers’ Promoting Bitconnect ‘Ponzi Scheme’
Tokens Will Bring Conflicts of Interest to Healthcare
BitConnect, Anonymously-Run Crypto Exchange, Crashes After States Issue Cease and Desist
Moscow Exchange Ready for “Fast and Easy” Crypto Derivatives Trading
UN Mediator ‘Very Hopeful’ About Solving Macedonia Name Dispute
YouTube Listed Chelsea Manning’s Campaign Video as Inappropriate
Puntland accuses Somaliland of supporting Al-Shabaab
Ethiopia: Archeological Site Clues Historical Ties Between Pre-Axumit Kingdom, Israel
Data Sheet—Facebook and Twitter Will Still Work With Disney, Until They Can’t
AI is coming to TVs – here’s what that will mean
The Fighting Drones of Ukraine
Facebook, Twitter, YouTube officials testifying on terrorism
American history podcasts are having a moment
Building molecular wires, one atom at a time
Ferrari plans electric car to challenge Tesla
In one Kurdish-run Syrian city, alleged killings spark strike
Anarchists Storm Ministry of Finance in Athens
Why Russia refuses to give refugee status to Syrians
Child miners risk slavery for the sake of batteries, says Hermes
‘Fake News’ Is Not an Excuse to Regulate the Internet
Lack of regulation ‘benefits tech giants’
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