Headlines You May Have Missed – Thursday, January 4th, 2018

PA Gov Goes Schitzo Over Guns for Pot Smokers, Life on Earth is Even Older, Just a Little DHS Employee Leak, Turkey Blocks Greece, and more on this edition of Headlines You May Have Missed.

Headlines You May Have Missed – Thursday, January 4th, 2018

Episode 002

Wolf: ‘We Won’t Take Guns Away’ From Medical Marijuana Users

Pennsylvania State Police urge gun owners to give up firearms to get medical marijuana

New Evidence Shows Life on Earth Started Earlier Than Previously Thought

DHS Admits Major Leak Affecting 247000 Employees

Turkey Prevents Greek Ships from Approaching Disputed Islets

View from Away: Trump administration pushes for a change that could derail the census


More Headlines

Trump ICE Chief Wants To Prosecute Politicians Who Won’t Lock Up More Immigrants
FCC Announces Boost to Regulated Cable Rates
Russian expert: Turkey must stop barbaric blockade of Armenia
3D printing increases memory of flexible Silicon chips 7000 times
AI Uses Titan Supercomputer to Create Deep Neural Nets in Less Than a Day
Greece considers fate of Turkish coup soldiers
China’s central bank can tell local governments to regulate the power usage of bitcoin miners: Source
Bill seeks strict policies to prevent mental health related gun violence in Delaware
Germany Set to Pay Customers for Electricity Usage as Renewable Energy Generation Creates Huge Power
NU would be required to report ‘barriers’ to free speech on campus under bill
Syrian groups urge UN boycott of Putin-hosted conference
The Trans Women Turning to Firearms for Survival
Scientists use sound to track tiny organisms in the body
Facebook declines to say why it deletes certain political accounts, but not others
AI System Sorts News Articles By Whether or Not They Contain Actual Information
New lithium-rich battery could last much longer
Glock Unveils New Pistol Inspired by Army MHS Program
DNA From 11000-Year-Old Alaskan Child Skeleton Rewrites History of Humans in America
7 IoT trends that will define 2018
Top 5 Bolt Action Hunting Rifles for Survival – 1/3/18
Alice Donovan was a prolific freelance writer who didn’t actually exist
Nissan’s future cars may read your brain to prevent accidents
Li-Fi Based Fleet Management Market: Futuristic Intelligent Transportation Systems to Drive Uptake
Iron and oxygen hold the prospect for high capacity batteries
3D Bioprinted Human Tissue Market Estimated to Flourish by 2026
Japan: The New Heart of Bitcoin
An evolutionary leap in human intelligence?
Is Vietnam’s purge spinning out of control?
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