Heirloom Seeds, the Money of SHTF

In SHTF situations, one of the most precious of all commodities will be what are called heirloom seeds.  These are the seeds that keep the line of whatever you’re growing continuing.  These seeds will not only be lifeblood as a source for food (through the plants that are grown and the further seeds created), but as currency in a world without any stable currency.  Here is a look at the heirloom seed market from Equites.

Interesting Investments: Heirloom Seeds

Deep in the heart of the permafrost of Norway, there’s a seed vault. The point is to keep seeds viable should catastrophe strike, giving humans the ability to replant crops and survive. At least, that was the point, until some of the permafrost proved more temporary, thawing and flooding the vaults. This Interesting Investment isn’t just something that might make you money — it’s another investment in the future.

Heirloom seeds are essentially seeds that various organizations save and breed in order to keep a species alive. Seed Savers Exchange, for example, has 6,000 tomato varieties in their collection.

What’s the point? “The end of the world as we know it.”


Are we, as humans, really likely to be in a “TEOTWAWKI” situation? Not likely. But that doesn’t stop preppers from making an industry worth billions of dollars each year. As Lucinda Bailey told the Modern Farmer in 2013, “Seeds are more valuable than bullets.” In a post-apocalyptic scenario, this is true, as, she added, “A bullet might not fit your gun, but my seeds will feed your family. Gold is a great long-term investment, but for the short term, seeds and vegetables are more useful after an economy evaporates.”

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