Homer Simpson Gets Pulled Over By British Police, Sort Of….

It seems that Homer Simpson was minding his own business, driving along a carriageway in England when he was RUDELY pulled over by a busybody bobby because he ALLEGEDLY violated some traffic law.
Seriously, someone dared pull Homer Simpson over. Don’t believe me? Think Homer Simpson is just a cartoon character? A fiction? Well, you’d be wrong, and the proof is in the driver’s license that Homer Simpson gave to the busybody bobby who pulled him over.
Ok, ok, so, technically, while Homer Simpson had the proper ID that shows he is, in fact, Homer Simpson, there is other evidence to suggest he’s really a local brit.. But I’m going to go ahead and honor the dignity of the office of the driver’s license and say, no, no, this is Homer Simpson.
You pulled over Homer Simpson, America’s beloved failed father and donut whore. For this, England, there can be no other response outside of a second Boston Tea Party. But this time, we’re going to dump donut powder into the harbor, and we’re not going to relent with our new Donut-Powder Party until you free Homer Simpson and remove any and all fines that you gave to this hero of American derpage.

From Huffington Post

Driver Tries To Pass Homer Simpson License Off As Real To Cops

An unidentified driver in Milton Keynes, southern England, presented a spoof Homer Simpson license to police during a traffic stop last Sunday night.

In addition to the bogus “Simpsons” identity document, officers also discovered that the man was driving without insurance.

“The driver’s car was seized and he was reported for driving with no insurance and driving without a proper license,” Thames Valley Police said on Twitter.


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