How drones are transforming the battleground in Syria

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The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are pushing ahead with their mission to oust the Islamic State (IS) group from its de facto capital, Raqqa, making key gains in the east of the city. Yet as our reporters on the ground found out, the SDF are now contending with a new threat from the jihadist fighters: small, agile drones that are hampering the US-backed airstrikes. Specialist researcher Edouard Pflimlin tells us how these commercial-grade weapons have become part of the conflict.
We also take a look at how the economic and diplomatic crisis in Qatar could have consequences elsewhere in the region, as Palestinians in Gaza fear they’ll be abandoned by Doha.
And we learn about the colourful coral reef in Israel that could provide scientists with important answers, as marine life struggles to survive rising sea temperatures across the globe.

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  1. Obama + CIA was using drones to take out all these chaos agents
    That where created under
    Dick Cheney's treason
    Devastate the Middle East

    That's why everyone hates Obama because
    Dick Cheney's ilk wanted more ethnocide from there human toys
    They hate him when actually he was cleaning up the wild animals that torture under the bush administration created
    By design and to destabilize

    That goes untold

  2. What a revealing bit of footage!! These guys are winning you say?!! And ISIS is getting supplies of drones let alone weapons!!! Is this suppose to be reality?? Your editors can't tell this is not credible? What a frace.

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