Why Hunting May Not Be the Best Path to Survival in SHTF

If you think you’re gonna hunt your way to survival during a SHTF situation, guess again.  There’s a lot of good ways to get food, and hunting ain’t one of them.

Hunting vs. Trapping vs. Fishing: Why Hunters Will Starve In The Next Food Crisis

Survival hunting is considerably different than what most people know as hunting today. You can forget about the idea of using seed corn to lure deer in, as you probably won’t have any seed corn available.

For that matter, you won’t have a deer blind or anything else to make it easier to hunt. Hunting would mean going back to the basics, tracking game to find their habits, then staking out a place and waiting for the game to come to you.

The big problem here is that hunting big game require the investment of a lot of time. With all the survival tasks that need to be done, finding time to do much hunting would be difficult.


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