Hydroponics to the Rescue for Haitian Orphanage

A group of Pittsburgh State University students are putting their minds and bodies to work bringing a viable, ongoing food solution to people in need in Haiti.  The group, about 20 students, is building hydroponics gardens for an orphanage in Haiti so that the orphanage can grow its own food, year-round.
You’lll have to modify the old age of teach a man to fish to teach a community to garden, with hydroponics.

PSU Enactus team develops hydroponics system for Haitian orphanage

A group of Pittsburg State University students is trying to leave its mark in the world by developing a hydroponics system for an orphanage in Haiti.

“Overall, in one word, it has been amazing,” said Dodge Mattingly, a freshman from Bluff City, Kansas. “Getting to work with different kinds of people on the same project with one goal — I’ve had a lot of fun.”

The group, 20 to 25 students, makes up the university’s team for Enactus, a community of student, academic and business leaders committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to create a better world. Enactus students at PSU, who come from majors across the campus, apply business concepts to develop community outreach projects.

Enactus has long been associated in Pittsburg with Krimson Kultuur, the fair-trade store it opened in 2013. The store, now only in an online format, sells the work of local artists and artisans in developing countries.

Last year, Enactus set its sights on someplace different: Haiti, an impoverished country that in recent years has struggled with the aftermath of a deadly earthquake and subsequent cholera outbreak. The students’ initial idea was to find a way to encourage business among the Haitians and bring back some items they could sell at Krimson Kultuur.

“Based upon success with other projects, they decided that if the local citizens were taught business skills, they could open their own businesses and create income for their families,” said their adviser, Suzanne Hurt.

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