Drink This Poison for the “Freedom” to Carry Guns

iWire Pulse Monday – December 11th, 2017

In this episode of iWire Pulse,
Professor Rambo and Paul Gordon talk
On Full Auto about the National Reciprocity Poison Pill Act,
On iWorld, The WTO is butthurt over Trump not liking them,
and finally,
on iPrepper, Meat matters, but what about when the world blows up?

Full Auto
National Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill Passes, but With NICS Poison Pill Included
Pelosi Tweets Fake News About National Reciprocity Bill, Accusing it of Allowing Criminals to Get Guns
Police Buyback Programs Turn Into Gun Marketplaces
Sig Sauer’s Beretta Replacement Hits First Army Units
Good Guy With Gun Protects Family from Bad Guy With Gun in Popeye’s Confrontation
Delaware Top Court Strikes Down Ban on Guns in State Parks
Senate Dem Claims Concealed-Carry Bill Can’t Pass
Savage Arms Has a Rifle-Exploding Problem
California Regs Might End Ammo Sales in Gun Stores
Dem Congresswoman Introduces Bill to Lift Ban on Guns on Capital Hill


WTO Complains about Trump Attacks in Buenos Aires Meeting
Pentagon Warns Russians Their Planes Could Be Shot Down if They Enter US-Claimed Syrian Airspace
China Threatens to Invade Taiwan if US Navy Ship Docks in Port
Without ISIS, The Struggle for Syria Continues, Between Russia and the US
Germany Warns China About Sending Internet Trolls Their Way
Catalan Independence Parties Losing in Upcoming Election, Poll Suggests
Trump Puts on New Sanction on Russia for Violating Arms Pact
North Korea Wants to Talk One on One with Trump, Says Russia
Iran Expands Trade Agreements with China
Turkey Sees Spike in Inflation
In SHTF, What’s a Good Replacement for Meat?
The Root of Preperation of Self Reliance
If You Have a Bug Out Bag, Have You Tested It?
How to Get Rid of the Cold Without Drugs
Welcome to the End of the World Expo
What Oils Work Best for Combatting Allergic Reactions?
Anti-Drone Ammo Unveield by Nam
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